good things About us


Allison Day

As a California transplant by the way of the Midwest, Allison Day believes that a well made meal can turn the day around. Hungry people are her favorite people, whether it's for great food or great ideas. As an early adopter of social media platforms, Allison has been knee deep in social media and content development for close to 10 years.  From the Napa Valley destination marketing world to the food crowdfunding world,  she is now the go-to girl for planning and executing all things social media and content. She founded Good Things, Done Right in 2015 when she saw a demand for more authentic voices and straight forward work ethic in the marketing world. 

Allison's top tip: Learn your demographic so you can choose the best networks to reach them, then do your research to find out where they're spending their time. B2Bs should be on LinkedIn and Facebook. Retailers should focus on Yelp!, Instagram and Pinterest while, media and entertainment are finding a lot of success on Facebook and SnapChat. 


Clay Newton

For the last nineteen years, Clay Newton has been riding the zeitgeist as it evolves and new technologies and trends come to pass. Clay has worked as a product strategist, creative director, design director, individual contributor, product designer and web developer in organizations from startup to massive corporations. At GTDR, Clay leads graphic design, web design, product strategy and technical efforts.

Clay's top tip: When updating your website and content, consider primary and secondary paths for each of your marketing channels. Understanding customer needs at each step in their journey will enhance your marketing efforts and align your offerings to the needs of your customer base, exposing new opportunities for customer value and growth.


Carolyn Hernandez

Allison and Carolyn have been collaborating on destination marketing projects for over 7 years. 

Carolyn has been telling the stories of some of the country’s most sought-after destinations for over 15 years. While living in Miami she produced tv commercials for Florida’s tourism campaigns. In Oregon marketing campaigns for the state’s premier resort, Sunriver. In Napa Valley Inglenook Estate, the Cities of Calistoga and St. Helena. Telling their stories through brand development, creative campaigns, website creation, social media, digital marketing, video and photography.

Carolyn’s top tip: It is all about relationships. Your relationship with your customers is most important. Customers want more than just a one-time purchase. They want to build a long-lasting relationship with a brand.


Jen Schmitz

Jen Schmitz has been writing and producing creative content since 2014. She has written for VSCO, Lonny, and contributed to countless other outlets in and out of wine country. She is a lover of all things art, culture and wine, and prefers to "summer" in Napa Valley to taste all it has to offer and to escape foggy San Francisco any time she can. She's the second in command when it comes to social execution. Working closely with Allison, she hones and curates the best content to share on client's platforms.

Jen's top tip: Scheduling your content gives you a cushion in case of unforeseen circumstances and ensures you don’t forget to post regularly. Consistency is key to social media marketing success, and scheduling is the best way to make sure you maintain it.


Lyndsey helling

Lyndsey Helling is our numbers gal. Residing in the midwest with her husband and son, Lyndsey is a clothing designer and marathon runner. She and Allison met when they worked together in an art studio. She now handles all reporting and analysis for GTDR. She and Allison work closely on assessing the best next steps to optimize client's social strategy and execution. 

Lyndsey's top tip: Keep in mind the indirect benefits of social media. One of the most important things to remember is that not all ROI is going to be financial. Social media creates a relationship with potential customers, which then grows with engagement, which hopefully leads to paying customers.