Our Services

We've helped brands—big and small, B2B and B2C, for-profit and nonprofit—get more from their social media and content marketing efforts. Expect strong strategy, likable content and responsive community management that tells your story, ignites conversation and aligns with your target audience and business growth goals.


Social Media



To do anything effectively you have to have a plan. At GTDR we like strategies. Do you have a social media or interactive marketing budget but aren’t sure where to start? 

Our Social Media Strategy Services will:
• Provide you with a comprehensive social media plan.
• Analyze your existing and potential social audience.
• Guide you in best practices for both content and engagement on each network.
• Enable you to grow a valuable audience.


Ad Management

To thrive in a “pay-to-play” world, GTDR offers development, management and optimization of social ad campaigns that amplify awareness, traffic and conversions across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

When it comes to paid ads there is a science, and even an art, to ensuring you get your money's worth. By regularly monitoring and updating the strategy, we help you target and optimize your ads to meet your success metrics.




Engaging with your audience on social media is a full-time job. Building on a posting strategy, our team will stay on top of every message and comment your brand receives on social media. We respond in real-time ensuring that each follower experiences on-brand customer service.

An all-in engagement includes:
• Content production
• Scheduled posting
• Community management
• Ad buying and optimization
• Provide ongoing coaching to improve your social media performance.
• Monitor your social media analytics to fine tune and improve your effectiveness.





We create content that people want to talk about. Creating the right marketing to the right audiences and converting interest into sales is a layered task. 

Our content marketing approach:
• We build content that is highly personalized, targeted and based off your marketing strategy.
• We don't just check a box. Every piece has a plan behind it and  fits coherently into your broader content strategy.
• Time is at a premium, and you're busy running your business. We take the lead in the content process, so you can focus on what you need to get done.



We work with some of the best in the business. True experts when it comes to advertising and media buying from programmatic digital media to traditional channels. Digital solutions are primarily centered around four core strategy elements: site, search, social and mobile. Some client solutions often fit into more than one group and some reach into new emerging categories. 

Our experts have access to all the major ad networks and deep resources of targeting data. We can give you an edge in planning and executing an efficient, effective, highly targeted campaign. 



You already know that email marketing works, because it’s probably worked on you. You’re either attempting it yourself (and unhappy with the results), or you already gave up somewhere along the way. You’re hopeful that a well designed email campaign can take your business to the next level.

You’re looking at a team who will show up every day, do the hard work, and keep your campaign on schedule regardless of how busy you become. Our email marketing services are here to help you speed up your sales cycle. From a full-scale lifecycle program strategy to filling the holes in your current email marketing program, GTDR can help you formulate, design and execute your email marketing program.





As with our Social Media and Marketing offerings, we develop websites and landing page experiences that drive customer engagement and brand awareness.

We will work with you to design and build your new website or refresh your existing online presence. We will use insights from your data to create call-to-action driven experiences to showcase your brand. 

GTDR will tailor a Web Program for your business which can provide:
• A clear and usable path to key customer goals on your website
• Business needs assessment, including recommendations for revenue generation
• Content strategy and content creation
• Online shopping experiences
• Social media integration
• Robust, data driven experiences
• Content managed website platforms




From enterprise software to chatbots, from mobile apps to responsive e-commerce websites, we apply user-centered design to create digital experiences that people love.

Discovering where your business needs and your customers' needs intersect, we will drive your key metrics up and to the right. GTDR has extensive experience working with both B2C and B2B application design.

Based on the specific needs of your project, we will provide:
• A detailed product strategy including customer segmentation, technology recommendations, commerce and marketing integration assessment
• Market and opportunity analysis
• Customer needs analysis
• Usability testing
• MVP planning as well as multi-generational plans
• Detailed analysis of key customer business drivers
• End to end iOS and Android app design specifications


Social assets

Let GTDR create assets for your next social media campaign, ready for you to upload to any major social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. It’s about using the best medium to get your message across on your posts.

We will follow your corporate guidelines or create something brand new from scratch to provide:
• Beautifully designed flat jpegs, animated gifs and video using your copy and images  
* Ongoing social media library of images with accompanying content calendar
• Infographs, interactive quizzes and imagery specifically for Instagram stories


Training & Workshops


Sometimes you just need to get it done even though you don’t have the staff or budget to bring on a full team. GTDR's Activation Services gives you the short-term help you need to get your social program up and running. We’ll create the strategy, build the tactics and execute for four to six months.  Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job by transferring expertise and capability to your internal team quickly and effectively.

Our Social Execution Services include:

  • Content planning and scheduling

  • Content production and platform distribution

  • Social platform creation including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest

  • Community management

  • Advertising account set-up and activation

  • Blog platform creation through WordPress and Tumblr

  • Analytics tracking setup


GTDR provides a wide variety of hands-on social media marketing services and consultant solutions from one-on-one consultations to training for larger groups and organizations.  We can instruct on specifics or answer big picture questions you have about social media and marketing integration. 


We are also available for speaking engagements and seminars at destination marketing organizations, at events such as trade shows, consortiums and summits, providing a valuable educational or informational track to attendees. 

INfluencer Programs

In today’s digital world, like it or not, everyone is becoming a storyteller. This includes influencers who have built up strong followings who interact with their posts, tweets and blogs. If, in business, the best lead is a referral, influencers are an important piece of the puzzle. GTDR is adept at setting up programs for blogger outreach and online influencer campaigns.  We connect your brand with highly influential bloggers to effectively spread the word about your products or services to their vast audiences.